People, Properties, and Platinum Records with Musician & Real Estate Investor Nick Skalkos

Podcast episode nick skalkos

Welcome to the final episode of 2020 of the RevNYou with Real Estate Podcast!

In this edition, RevNYou Partner and host Doug Meyers is sitting down with Musician, Animal Activist, Real Estate Investor, and Keyspire team member Nick Skalkos.




This is a truly unique conversation with an incredibly humble guest. Nick’s real estate investing journey started in 2016 when he joined Canadian real estate educational company Keyspire. It was there that he learned how to invest in real estate and create powerful partnerships and ventures.

Prior to getting into real estate, Nick was a mainstay in the Canadian music scene playing with bands including The Miniatures,  Spirits, and The Mounties. He has also recorded on City and Colour’s chart topping album “Little Hell” which garnered platinum record status.

Nick is still very much involved in the music game where he now focuses on songwriting and producing with and for other artists. He is currently working on numerous projects spanning across all genres, including working with Scott McGillivray on his self-titled short album and the theme song to Scott’s new HGTV show “Scott’s Vacation House Rules”.

In four short years Nick has amassed 20 doors in Ontario and New Brunswick using strategies like Buy and Hold, Multi-units, house jacking, BRRRR, J.V. and using private lending, but it’s not as though he seeks to position his portfolio as a selling feature for becoming an investor – in fact, this conversation takes place around a time when, as Nick says he is feeling “a bit deflated” around real estate, the reason which is shared throughout the show.

In this wide-ranging, transparent conversation, Nick and Doug touch on:

Nick’s childhood and origin of becoming a musician How Nick “fell victim” to the HGTV Income Property phenomenon, which led him to real estate investing with his wife Working with Scott McGillivray and Keyspire, and the power of being surrounded by a network of real estate investors An open look at Nick’s real estate investing portfolio and strategies The honest truth around “feeling deflated” with real estate investing, and how to roll with that and keep going Doug shares the story of how Nick was the tipping point for a major change in his life What it means to Nick to “invest where returns are best” Investing outside of your place of residence – BUILD A GREAT TEAM!

A big thank you to Nick for sharing his experiences and stories with us.

We’ll be looking out for his podcast coming in 2021: What You Should Know About Real Estate Investing with Nick Skalkos, Trevor Gaal, and Ben Friegang

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You Can’t Save Your Way To Wealth with Zeb & Colleen Tsikira – The Tsikira’s!

Rev N You Podcast

This week, host Doug Meyers is sitting down with none other than Zeb & Colleen Tsikira, the investor-duo also known as The Tsikira’s!

Youtube: The Tsikiras

Website: https://www.thetsikiras.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thetsikiras/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheTsikiras/

The Tsikira’s are well-established real estate investors and business owners who got their start in entrepreneurship and developing an investor mindset in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

Their journey in the past year has taken them from the cold of the Northern tundra, to the heat of Arizona, and over to Dayton and Cleveland, Ohio, where they have continued to expand their real estate investment portfolio.

With COVID-19 having an impact on original travel plans, the couple has returned to their roots in Canada and are now pursuing multi-family investments in and around Edmonton, Alberta.

In addition to the whirlwind of a year of travel, The Tsikira’s have recently released their brand new book “You Can’t Save Your Way to Wealth – How you can build generational wealth through real estate, take care of your immediate family and fund your retirement, even if you’re an immigrant, have no saving and have bad credit” – copies of which can be purchased on Amazon here:


In our conversation we cover many valuable topics including:

Understanding the cashflow quadrant components of E, SE, B, and I How being employed vs. self-employed impacts your ability to qualify for mortgages How the Tsikira’s transitioned from the E / SE quadrants over to the B / I quadrants, and advice on how you can do it too Moving from YK to AZ to pursue continued growth of their portfolio Tales and tribulations of travels in a wild 2020 Reasons for beginning to expand into multi-family investing How letting go has allowed them to manage their business activities much more effectively Discussion around how Zeb & Colleen structure their week to manage everything they have on the go Advice on how to build a real estate investing business Conversation on their new book, You Can’t Save Your Way to Wealth – why now, what’s in it, and the making of it What’s next in 2021

As a cool note as well, host Doug Meyers will be narrating The Tsikira’s audiobook version of their new book! The audiobook should be completed and released either before the end of the year or in early 2021, so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

Thank you to Zeb & Colleen for coming on the show and for sharing their knowledge and experience with our listening audience – we appreciate you both!

Thank you for listening and we look forward to welcoming you to the RevNYou with Real Estate community!

– The RevNYou with Real Estate Team


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Growing a Multi-Family Real Estate Investing Business with BV&Co. Founder Ray Vozza

Podcast Ray Vozza

Welcome to another edition of The RevNYou with Real Estate Podcast!

In this episode, host Doug Meyers sits down with Multi-Family investor and Founder of BV&Co., Ray Vozza.

BV&Co. Inc. was founded in 2018 after Ray and wife Jo had their second child.  In the words of the founders: ” We built it in order to create a life that would combine two of our goals:  help people move towards financial security through real estate and also create a lifestyle for ourselves where we can be more present in our children’s lives.  We are real estate investors who build relationships, opportunities and investments for busy people who want to reap the rewards of real estate but don’t have the time.  We have a team of experts who focus specifically on real estate investments, including lawyers, accountants and agents.”

No doubt Ray and the team at BV&Co. have hit the ground running since joining a real estate investing network in 2018. They’ve grown their portfolio from 0 to 55 units since getting started and have focused on multi-family properties in the markets of Barrie, Orillia, and Kingston to get there.

After opening up the conversation discussing the origin story of Ray’s real estate investing pursuits, our conversation turns granular on the details of multi-family investing. For anyone who is interested in this asset class, this will be a great episode to take notes on as Ray shares his insights on:

Seeking out mentors in the space Asking for help and taking action with other active investors already executing multi-family investments Deal structuring for multi-family Understanding acquisition costs for apartments and how this differs from residential real estate investments The conditional periods and due diligence required on multi-family investments Differences between residential and multi-family real estate

Thank you to Ray for carving out some time to come on the show!

To find out more about Ray and BV&CO., connect with them in the following places:

Website: www.bvco.ca

E-mail:    Info@bvco.ca

Linktree:   https://linktr.ee/bvco

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Should you put more than 20% down? Do you need a business to start investing? Online inquiries discussed with the RevNYou with Real Estate Partners

Questions from the Net – Should you put more than 20% down? Do you need a business to start investing? Should you burn the boats? Online inquiries discussed with the RevNYou with Real Estate Partners.

RevNYou with Real Estate Podcast is back in session with a special discussion-based episode with RevNYou Partners and Real Estate Investors Gary Spencer-Smith and Doug Meyers.

We’ve pulled a few common questions from some of the Facebook groups we’re a part of to share some thorough answers on how we would approach each of these situations.

The questions we use as jumping off points for some deeper discussion include:

Would you put more than 20% down to get a positive cash-flow or find another house for cheaper? Do you need to set up a business in order to start investing in real estate? Should I burn the boats?

Do you have questions you’d like to ask the RevNYou with Real Estate team? Send your questions in to info@revnyou.com and we’ll be sure to answer them on a future show.

Thank you for listening and we look forward to welcoming you to the RevNYou with Real Estate community!

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From 1, to 2, to 44 New Builds – The Power of Purpose-Built Rentals with Kris Bucci

Revnyou podcast

Welcome to another edition of the RevNYou with Real Estate Podcast with this episode’s guest: Kris Bucci.

Born and raised in small town Port Alice B.C. on the northern tip of Vancouver Island, Kris spent much of his youth playing hockey and competitive baseball.  Kris only escaped the small town life in 1996 by joining the Royal Canadian Navy and throughout his 22yr career in the Navy, Kris got to see much of the world and had some amazing experiences.

After spending the last 5yrs of his career in a staff position, spending much of his time planning, coordinating and executing small to large scale exercises. Kris recognized that all roads were leading him to Ottawa, which was a location and lifestyle that he was not looking to pursue. Realizing the skills and the discipline gained during his career, he set his sights on smoothly transition into becoming a full time Real Estate investor, General Contractor and Developer, which he has now effectively done.

In 2018, Kris,  his fiancé Sari  and 3 teenage boys began focusing on Real Estate, at which time they had already accumulated 4 rental properties.  That year they attended a Keyspire workshop and have since amassed 15 rental units over 9 homes.

Their portfolio is mixture of turn-key buy and holds, joint ventures, a vacation property/Airbnb purchased using an 80% Vendor Take Back, and most recently 2 purpose built suited single family homes.

Kris is now focused mainly on home building & developing, and is currently in the planning stages of a 44 lot subdivision.  Along with Sari and their partner Laurie-May Peroff, they are excited to move forward completing this planned community by constructing 44 executive style homes over the next 5yrs.

In addition to understanding Kris’s journey to where he is today, we cover some great actionable information including:

The process of finding joint venture partners – reaching out, sending e-mails, making phone calls, following-up Running the numbers on purpose-built rentals Reasons for investing in purpose-built rentals How Kris funds his purpose-built rental construction projects Development timelines

A big thank you to Kris for coming on the show and sharing his experiences, knowledge, and wisdom with the RevNYou community.

If you would like to contact Kris he’s always happy to talk Real Estate and you can reach out to him via email: kris.sari@uncoveredoasis.ca

For more information on their business and upcoming projects:

and for more information on how you can join Kris in his upcoming dream project check out www.sweetoasishomes.ca

Thank you for listening and we look forward to welcoming you to the RevNYou with Real Estate community!

– The RevNYou with Real Estate Team


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Practicing The Property Manager Mindset with Gary Spencer-Smith

Rev N You Podcast

Practicing The Property Manager Mindset with Gary Spencer-Smith

In this episode, RevNYou with Real Estate Partner and property management expert, Gary Spencer-Smith, shares the tactical tips and techniques that he’s used to manage his portfolio of real estate, as well as the rental properties of many others through the development of his own property management business.

With 6+ years running his property management business, which he’s recently sold, and many more years of being an active real estate investor, Gary has released his new book:

The Property Manager Mindset – Reduce Stress, Save Time, Earn More Money to share his toolkit for succeeding in the property management game.

Tactical talking points include:

Property management is really about people management – properties are straight-forward, people are not Viewing your tenants as clients, and yourself as a rental housing provider (not a landlord) Shifting your mindset from what you tenants do to you vs what you do for your clients Seeing your property management as a business…because it is! Simple shifts to put minor property management headaches in perspective How to avoid nightmare tenants and situations by screening effectively What to do when a tenancy trends in the wrong direction Seeing your property management experiences as opportunities for education and growth Stories and personal experiences from Gary to illustrate the property manager mindset in action

Whether you plan to manage your own properties, end up doing it out of necessity, or are making the jump from DIY property manager to hiring out a 3rd party, this is going to be an incredibly valuable conversation to learn from.

And if you’re interested in buying Gary’s book, The Property Manager Mindset, you can do so on Amazon here:

CANADA: https://www.amazon.ca/Property-Manager-Mindset-Reduce-Stress/dp/1777162106

USA: https://www.amazon.com/Property-Manager-Mindset-Reduce-Stress-ebook/dp/B088D4BP9Z

Thank you for listening to the show and we look forward to welcoming you to our RevNYou with Real Estate Community!

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A Practical Raising Capital Conversation with the RevNYou with Real Estate Partners

Rev n you podcast

A Practical Raising Capital Conversation with the RevNYou with Real Estate Partners

At one point or another, all real estate investors are going to have to raise capital for their deals. It’s not a question of if, but when!

Knowing this, what can we do as real estate investors to become exceptional, ethical raisers of capital within our own networks?

Join RevNYou with Real Estate Education Partners, long-time joint venture expert Gary Spencer-Smith and host Doug Meyers, as we discuss the ever-important subject of Raising Capital on this edition of the show.

Conversation points include:

Why raising capital is about relationships Building trust and integrity People need to know that you’re looking for capital! Sources of capital – both traditional and creative Educated real estate investors can always find the money Takeaway exercises to help you identify where capital potential exists in your network

If you’ve got any questions about this episode, please e-mail us at info@revnyou.com.

Thank you for listening and we look forward to welcoming you to the RevNYou with Real Estate community!

– The RevNYou with Real Estate Team

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Life, Real Estate, and Creative Financing Strategies with The Real Estate Investor Dad: Wayne Hillier

Revnyou Podcast- Wayne Hillier

Welcome back to another edition of The RevNYou with Real Estate Podcast!

We know, it’s been awhile, and the silence around the mic has been defeaning….but we’re back with a great new show with The Real Estate Investor Dad: Wayne Hillier.

Investing since 2013 in Edmonton, Alberta with his wife Gabrielle and 5 year old daughter, Wayne is the owner of Prairie Home Investments which specializes in investment properties in Edmonton. A creative financing expert, Wayne has used his abilities to help investors and partners get into deals that make sense for everyone.

His newest venture, Murabaha Homes, combines his expertise in creative financing strategies to offer members of the Islamic community financing opportunities that are Sharia compliant.

Wayne is also the Host of the Real Estate Investor Dad Podcast, a show which RevNYou host Doug Meyers recently appeared on!

In this free-flowing conversation, Doug and Wayne discuss:

Wayne’s elevator pitch (and why he’s not a fan) The origin story of why I got into investing Investing in yourself Taking seller financing strategies and building Murabaha Homes, which offer Sharia-compliant zero interest Islamic financing Intentional real estate portfolio building: lifestyle comes first What it means to be a real estate investor dad Initial takes on Wayne’s new life as a full-on entrepreneur in real estateThank you Wayne for coming on the RevNYou with Real Estate Podcast!

If you want to get in touch with Wayne you can do so via e-mail to prairiehomeinvestments@gmail.com.

If you’re interested in learning more about Murabaha Homes and how to get involved, visit murabahahomes.com.

Wayne’s REI Cabin Retreat and Mentorship Program is November 20-22nd in Alberta Beach, so if you’re interested in that you can send him an e-mail as well.

Connect with Wayne:

Online at Prairiehomeinvestments.com Online at Murabahahomes.com On the social medias @real.estate.investor.dadThank you for listening and we look forward to welcoming you to the RevNYou with Real Estate community!

– The RevNYou with Real Estate Team

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Small-Scale Flipper To Private Equity Firm CEO: Dave Seymour

Revnyou Podcast - Dave seymour

Real Estate Investing Education, Mindset, and Investing South of the Border

Welcome to another edition of the RevNYou with Real Estate Podcast!

We are incredibly excited to welcome to the show Dave Seymour, former host of the Reality TV show Flipping Boston on A&E and current CEO of Freedom Venture Investments.

In this episode, Doug and Dave (as Dave likes to put it) “are just a couple of dudes having a conversation about real estate!”

But within the conversation lie a number of nuggets and key learning points to take away from Dave’s decades of experience in the real estate investing space, as well as his refreshing take on real estate investing from an American perspective. These include:

The pursuit of financial intelligence Why the outdated model for financial security doesn’t work in today’s world Not everyone is going to believe in you…in fact most people will think you’re nuts! Sifting your way through the education space to get what you really need The investor mindset Making mistakes (and learning from them) The early days as a small-scale flipper – all the way up to leading a private equity firm What’s different, and what stays the same, as the size of your operation increases Dave’s #1 key to growing from a mom-and-pop shop, to running a true real estate investing business An introduction to Freedom Venture Investments and the opportunities available south of the border to investors Why Dave believes investing in multi-family in the next 18 months is the way to go Opportunities to be realized from the COVID-19 falloutBio:

Based out of Massachusetts, Dave is currently focused on opportunities to invest in high-yield multi-family assets along the Eastern United States including Florida and the Carolinas.

After 16 years as a firefighter and paramedic, Dave launched his career in real estate, rapidly becoming one of the Nation’s top real estate investors. Within his first few years, Dave had transacted millions of dollars of real estate and had become one of the Nation’s leading experts in both residential and commercial transactions.

His unabridged passion for business and real estate put him on the radar of A&E television network as well as multiple news organizations like CBS, ABC, CNBC, FOX News, and CNN. New York Times reported the Dave Seymour’s series “Flipping Boston” posted the highest ratings ever for the A&E network at the time of airing.

Dave has been sought after as a ‘tell it how it is mentor’ and motivator in the real estate world with a track record of success everywhere he reaches. He is well known for doing business alongside investors of all experience levels, and has partnered with investors on their very first real estate deals as well as guided some of the largest investments firms in the nation through complex transactions.

Find out more about Dave Seymour and Freedom Venture Investments:



Thank you for listening to the show and we look forward to welcoming you to our RevNYou with Real Estate Community!

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Halfway through 2020 – Are you accomplishing your goals for the year?

Rev N You Podcast

Returning to the process of goal setting, tracking, reviewing, and planning

We made it!

It’s officially past the half-way point of 2020 and what a wild year it has been:

Coronavirus and a global pandemic? Interest rates slashing Immigration stalled, planes grounded Home sales silenced in some areas before taking off once again (GTA, anyone?)

These are just some of the bigger events that have been happening around us this year. But how are WE doing amidst all this change in relation to the accomplishment of our goals? As we’ve gotten to this point, we’re taking a look back from the lens of revisiting those ever so good intentions: New Year’s Resolutions….or in other words…the goals we set at the start of the year.

How are you doing in the accomplishment of what you set out to do in 2020?

Are you crushing it, or are things stagnantly staying the same?

Did you set goals for 2020, or is goal setting something that’s completely new to you….something that feels like a daunting task?

In this episode, RevNYou with Real Estate Educator and podcast host Doug Meyers shares the importance of goals setting, including setting the RIGHT TYPE of goals that force us to expand, his process for goal setting, tracking, reviewing, and planning, and how to systematically follow-up with our goals to stay on track, adjust if needed, and keep moving in the direction of our desires.

As mentioned in the show, if you are interested in seeing the template for the process that Doug uses on a yearly, quarterly, and weekly basis, please send an e-mail to info@revnyou.com and we will get it out to you. You can also request an invitation to set up a call to work through the process directly with us. That’s how important we believe this process is – a process that we use in our own lives.

Thank you for listening and we look forward to welcoming you to the RevNYou with Real Estate community!

– The RevNYou with Real Estate Team

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Happy Canada Day! Come Together, Canada

Rev N You Podcast

A Message For Investing in this Great Country

Happy Canada Day from all of us here at RevNYou With Real Estate!

We hope you celebrate Canada’s 153rd birthday with those who matter most to you, and that you take some time to appreciate what Canada means to you.

In this shortened edition, RevNYou with Real Estate Podcast Host Doug Meyers shares a message about coming together, as Canadians, amidst all the uncertainty and the many divisive messages that are being championed within our country (and around the world for that matter) right now.

One thing is for sure – we are all proud to be Canadian here at RevNYou with Real Estate. We are invested in Canada for today, tomorrow, and beyond.

The question is…are you invested in Canada, too?

Happy Canada Day our friends in Real Estate!

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Managing Focus Over Managing Time with Kunal Mohindra

Revnyou podcast

BRRR Strategy Expert, Father, and Full-time Pharmacist

Born and raised in India, Kunal Mohindra is a Pharmacist, who moved to Canada in 2009 as a student and went to Halifax to complete his Masters in Health Informatics. He is currently working on a project to implement a provincial computer system, which will have a massive impact on Healthcare delivery in Alberta.

In addition to his full-time pharmacist role, Kunal is the founder and CEO of Divergent Homes. He has transacted over $7 million in real estate, starting as a fix and flip investor in 2016, and now focusing on helping friends and family unlock the power of real estate by investing in legally suited properties in Edmonton.

Kunal loves to give back and inspire others to invest in Real Estate. He is the host of the Edmonton Real Estate Mastermind, which offers a safe place for investors to bring questions and challenges. You can also find him hosting family friendly Open Houses at his projects to facilitate networking within the real estate community.

In our conversation, Kunal and I discuss a number of topics that I’m sure many of our listeners will relate to:

The inspiration, or in Kunal’s case, the desperation that got him started in real estate The journey of becoming a “seminar junkie” Growing and getting over the “employee mindset”…this was a big roadblock for Kunal Adopting an open mindset toward partnerships and sharing Tips on how to network as an introvert Moving from education mode to action mode Approaching COVID as a time to grow your network Managing focus over managing time Mitigating risks in real estate and lifestyle Choosing your partners is like a marriage – think long-term Reasons to start investing in real estate Kunal’s First 3 Steps to get started in real estate investing

We also dig into the real estate investing strategies that Kunal has specialized in, covering in depth the BRRR strategy, and why he made the transition from house flipper to the BRRR strategy expert to build wealth through real estate.

A passionate husband and a super dad to 2 lovely daughters, Kiara and Inaya, Kunal is committed to creating a life by design and aspires to be an enthusiastic life coach to his kids.

Please enjoy this conversation with award winning real estate investor, Kunal Mohindra.

Connect with Kunal on Facebook:

Kunal Mohindra

Thank you for listening to The RevNYou with Real Estate Podcast – we look forward to welcoming you to the RevnYou with Real Estate community!

The REInvestors Randy Molland & Steve Arneson

Randy & Steve cover photo for podcast

Raising Money During A Pandemic & Going Big to Give Big

Vancouver Island based Randy Molland and Steve Arneson make up The REInvestors, a real estate investing duo committed to working with investors that are looking to grow their portfolio, have a passive investing approach, and achieve greater returns on their investments.

They also host a monthly community meetup to help educate those looking to learn about real estate as an investment. At these meetups the most experienced professionals in each real estate investing field present their expertise and teach the best ways to successfully create a wealthy lifestyle by investing in cash-flowing real estate.

In this episode, the young, energetic and passionate Randy & Steve provide some incredible insights into:

Investing in your real estate investing education, specifically not being afraid to invest the money into close mentorships  Gaining a financial education through real estate  Leveraging the experience of mentors & coaches to raise money from joint venture partners  Betting on yourself: determine the worst case scenario and if you can handle it, it’s time to go out and do what you want  Maturing over time in real estate investing – trusting the process and enjoying the challenge  Raising capital in the middle of a pandemic  Structuring unique joint-ventures for educational purposes, not just for financial reasons  The details of their investment portfolio  The start of The REInvestors and what their mission is moving forward  Moving on up! Transitioning from single family homes to multi-family to land development investments

The process of self-development has become a major part of Randy and Steve’s lives. They pride themselves on getting high returns but also on helping you get in the right mindset to go along with it.

At the beginning of their career they were told by a mentor, “If you want to make a million dollars, help a million people first”. This led to their “Go Big To Give Big” movement.

Go Big To Give Big is a mission to inspire one million people to go bigger in life and unlock their full potential so that they can create abundance in as many ways as possible to allow them to give back on a larger scale!

The REInvestors are leading this action by hosting a variety of events where proceeds are given to charities, plus they donate their time helping others achieve financial freedom!

If you are interested in creating a for-purpose business, these guys have a community around them to help you network, grow your idea, and increase market share so you too can start Going Big To Give Big!

Thanks to The REInvestors for coming on The RevNYou with Real Estate Podcast!

You can connect with Randy & Steve, the REInvestors at:



FB: The REInvestors Community

Thanks for listening and we look forward to welcoming you to the RevNYou community!

Team Member and Young Gun Investor Karysa Brossoit

karysa brossoit cover photo

In this episode, RevNYou team member and host Doug Meyers interviews a fellow RevNYou Team Member and young-gun real estate investor: Karysa Brossoit.

At the youthful age of 25, Karysa has worked her way into an ownership position in a multi-million dollar portfolio based on Vancouver Island in Port Alberni, with a couple more properties outside of Edmonton as well.

From sports, to painting, to being outdoors, Karysa enjoys everything life has to offer. She credits the power of real estate investing for allowing her to live the lifestyle that she has created and continues to refine. To quote Karysa “The best thing about being a real estate investor is when the weather is beautiful I can head outside, chase the sun and enjoy it, even if it’s a Wednesday!”

Karysa knew right out of high school that she didn’t like the idea of picking a career, working a 9-5 job, with set hours to get paid a set amount of money for the rest of her life. After analyzing the lifestyle associated with a typical career, she realized she didn’t want to work her life away and not have time to do all the things she truly wanted to be doing.

She was observant enough to discover real estate investing through the action of friends and family close to her and decided to dive into it, becoming a skilled renovator, property manager, and investor herself.

It is with that background that we’re excited to interview her for this episode of the podcast, as we discuss:

Karysa’s real estate investing story and how she got started tips for what kinds of renovations are the best return-on-time and money for do-it-yourself renovation investors the importance of continually educating yourself the power of networking pushing through the inevitable ups-and-downs and trying times in real estate insights on developing the mindset of an investor resources for aspiring new real estate investors
Sharing her story in the podcast platform was certainly a step way outside of Karysa’s comfort zone, which itself is a testament to her willingness to push herself to try new things even if they may be a little intimidating. This willingness to push the boundaries of the comfort zone is something we can all take note of and apply in our own lives.

Having created and now experiencing the results and lifestyle she has, we hope you enjoy and learn from this conversation with another successful real estate investor and RevNYou team member: Karysa Brossoit.

Thank you for listening and we look forward to welcoming you to the RevNYou With Real Estate Community!

YXE Real Estate Group Founder Michael Bugg

Michael Bugg

YXE Real Estate Group Founder Michael Bugg

Using Real Estate to Leave his Full-Time Job & Multi-family Investing


Michael Bugg is a full time Real Estate Investor based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He began buying properties in 2010 while working full time as a Veterinarian. Over the years, as Michael expanded his buy and hold real estate portfolio, he continued to cut down on the amount of time he spent working as a Veterinarian. In July of 2018, he officially hung up his stethoscope to focus full time on real estate investing. One of Michael’s greatest passions is helping others take control of their financial future through real estate investing. He is currently launching several initiatives to help the Veterinary community lead more balanced and purposeful lives. He believes that real estate investing is really just the start of the journey; it’s more about the impact you can have on people’s lives.

In our conversation, Michael and I discuss:

How he got started in real estate investing The early days of building his portfolio while working full-time as veterinarian The day he realized he was DONE working as an employee! How he moved from being a full-time employee to a full-time real estate investor entrepreneur The importance of having a support team in making the jump  Hiring and working with a coach, and why it was the right move for him Tactical real estate conversations around multi-family apartment investing What are the similarities, and difference, between multi-family investing and single-family investing Michael’s tips for any real estate investor who wants to grow their knowledge and portfolio Michaels’ risks & rewards that he believes every real estate investor should be aware of

Enjoy this educational, engaging conversation with the genuine founder of YXE Real Estate Group: Michael Bugg.

Connect with Michael in the following ways:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YXERealEstateGroup/

Direct: mike@yxerealestategroup.com


Questions, comments, feedback, or just want to get in touch? Send us an e-mail below.

Thank you for listening and we look forward to welcoming you to the RevNYou With Real Estate Community!

Brad Price Specializing in Joint-Ventures

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Brad Price is a Real Estate Investor specializing in Joint Venture Real Estate Acquisitions and Investment Management in the residential sector.

Brad has a number of real estate related businesses which he has either co-founded or founded, including Calgary based Commonwealth Home Ownership, a Canadian real estate investing education company that hosts networking events and provides tools and resources to help real estate investors build profitable portfolios. He is the President & CEO of REIBS Canada, a cloud-based bookkeeping company specifically designed to simplify and automate bookkeeping and accounting processes for real estate investors. Brad also manages BCP Coaching, a One-on-One coaching service for people looking to take that next step towards financial freedom. He highly values positive high-performance habits, a desire to breakdown the status quo, and an unwavering commitment to all of his clients.

In addition to Brad’s real estate related companies, Brad has extensive residential and commercial construction knowledge with over 17 years of experience in the industry. Brad’s most recent projects include two $100 Million commercial construction projects in Calgary and the development of $3.7 Million of residential investment properties in Edmonton. Brad’s next project is a $2.5 Million residential investment development in Calgary, commencing in the spring of 2020.

In our conversation Brad and I discuss:

The inspiration behind his start in real estate investing: “How much do you earn while you’re sleeping?” Educating yourself with the drinking from a fire-hose approach How to decide what real estate investing strategy is right for you Why he loves the joint-venture strategy for building a real estate investment portfolio Understanding what you are an expert in (as an investor) and communicating what your market has to offer Why it’s NOT all about market appreciation (in fact, why you should be hedging against downturns by holding strong cash-flowing assets) The basics of being a successful joint-venture working partner Advanced joint-venture working partner keys Highlighting the operational side of real estate that people often overlook, don’t know about, or just simply struggle with (bookkeeping, reporting, managing, systematizing) Finding joint-venture money partners – how to attract, communicate, and build relationships that lead to successful investments over time What Brad means by “people buy into you before they buy into a deal Telling, not selling, what you do The Joint-Venture Associate Program through Commonwealth Home Ownership Tips for investors looking to get started or take their investments to the next level

I hope you enjoy this comprehensive conversation with Brad Price!

Commonwealth Home Ownership: www.cwho.ca

Connect with Brad:

IG @brad.c.price


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Gary Spencer-Smith & The History of RevNYou

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Welcome to the first interview episode of The RevNYou With Real Estate Podcast! Thank you for tuning in!

In the show’s inaugural episode, Doug catches up with fellow RevNYou team member and award winning investor Gary Spencer-Smith.

Gary was born in the UK and started investing in his native country during his time in the Royal Navy, He emigrated to Canada after 11 years of service, which saw him travel all over the world before settling on Vancouver Island. Investing on the island for over ten years now, Gary has won awards from Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine and The Real Estate Investment Network for his strategies and success, and been nominated for countless others. Gary enjoys the lifestyle investing in real estate affords him and has a passion for helping others change their financial futures by using real estate as the catalyst. “When I see people finally realize they can totally change their lives, it’s like a light goes on, then they know what is truly possible for their lifestyle and the future of themselves and those around them. That’s why I teach!”

Joint-Venture Investing

After getting to know Gary and his background story, the conversation shifts towards providing listeners with a primer on joint-venture investing before getting into the tips, techniques, strategies, and ways of being that have made Gary such a successful joint-venture working partner in his many years as a real estate investor.

Gary shares his knowledge and experience on:

  • How to screen your joint-venture partners to work with the right type of people, creating win-win relationships
  • Identifying opportunities to match with the right joint-venture partners
  • Communicating with various personalities and different communication styles from your own
  • Developing, managing, and strengthening relationships with your joint-venture partners for long-lasting success

Investor Resources

As the conversation winds down Gary also shares some great resources for investors looking to get started or for those looking to take their investing journey to the next level!

Resources mentioned in the show:

  • Julie Broad – More Than Cashflow: Understanding The Real Risks & Rewards of Profitable Real Estate
  • Robert Kiyosaki – Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • Don R. Campbell – Secrets of The Canadian Real Estate Cycle
  • CashFlow Game – https://www.richdad.com/products/cashflow-classic

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Introducing The RevNYou With Real Estate Podcast

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RevNYou With Real Estate – helping you understand the real risks and rewards of profitable real estate investing so you can lead a life you love! RevNYou With Real Estate is your partner on the path to success in real estate investing. Through hearing the stories of in-action real estate investors at different stages of their investing journeys, to practical conversations surrounding specific aspects of real estate investing, to personal development and improving your investor mindset, we look forward to having your ears tuned in to the show. Enjoy! – The RevNYou With Real Estate Team Connect with us!

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